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Globalgold Joins Forces With Easyspace

GlobalGold has been the sister company of Easyspace for the last 7 years, staffed by the same people, in the same state of the art data centres.

As we move forward with new technology and new opportunities, the time has come to bring the brands together.

As of Thursday 1st August the GlobalGold brand will be merged into our Easyspace brand.

There will be no downtime and you won’t need to make any changes to any of your services.

On a practical basis, this will mean some changes to billing…


Annual Services – Billing Period Changes.

  • All Domain names will be set to Auto Renewal as standard.
  • All other annual services NOT set to Auto Renewal will still need to be manually renewed in your control panel.
  • You of course can change the method of renewal from your customer control panel.
  • We will attempt to take Auto Renewal payment 30 days in advance of the renewal date.
  • This gives all parties enough time to alert for non-payment and ensure continuity of service.
  • Annual Services will invoice 60 days prior the renewal date.
  • For all services on Auto Renew you will receive account statements advising when we will attempt payment.

Monthly Services – Billing Period Changes.

  • Easyspace invoice for monthly services 3 months in advance.
  • Customers are encouraged to pay via recurring payment methods or direct debit.
  • These can also be paid manually on a monthly basis via your control panel.
  • Payment is due 14 days prior to the renewal date to avoid any disruption to service.

On Thursday 1st August 2019 your account will be moved and your control panel will be re-branded to Easyspace but you will continue to ring the same support and sales number that you always have. You will be actually speaking to the same team you always have!

You will log into the Easyspace control panel by visiting http://controlpanel.easyspace.com using the same log in details as you always have for GlobalGold.

Benefits of becoming part of Easyspace include:

  • Hosting packages with automatic SSL support
  • Access to new low cost dedicated and cloud servers
  • Access to our design team (for new website design)
  • Dedicated WordPress hosting
  • Access to our domain name management team
  • Access to our the Easynic reseller platform
  • And a whole host of other useful products and services.

We look forward to continuing to service your internet requirements.

If you have any questions regarding this notification please contact GLOBALGOLD SUPPORT